Carlo Croce Of World Sailing

Those who are familiar with the authorities of World Sailing, they will be knowing that Carlo Croce is looking to extend his term for the final session as President of World Sailing Association. He has unveiled a manifesto that states that a new era would be ushered in for world sailing.

The manifesto would be built on what has been achieved in the first term that he has served as President. There are six themes that are included in the manifesto. These underpin as well as guide the final term that he would serve as President. The decision of his second term as president would be taken at the annual conference that would be held in the first week of November in Barcelona.

Among the themes that he has considered in the manifesto the main points that emerge are to ensure that the World Sailing association would become a global leader in this sport; innovations would be embraced in order to drive growth of this sport; improving standards of yacht charter UK; standards need to be set across most sailing events across the world so that sailors compete in a uniform and fair environment; the place of this sport needs to be consolidated in Olympic Games as well as including Para Sailing to be part of Paralympic Games.

Carlo Croce stated that his manifesto builds on what he has already achieved in his first term. He is confident that the decision making committee will find his action points to be workable and they would also see the kind of changes and growth that these points will bring forth. The manifesto is focused on the future needs of the sailing sport community and he is confident that he would be able to deliver all the points he has talked about in the manifesto if he is elected for the second term as president