Momo Won The Rolex Maxi 72 World Champion

Dieter Schön of Germany and the crew of Momo won the World Championship of 2017 Rolex Maxi 72, which take place at Porto Cervo.

The event, run in association with the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, was the closest yet.

Talk about the final day, Momo got the lead to 2.75 points over Cannonball of Dario Ferrari. And finally, after a couple of windward-leeward races, Schön won the championship by a point.

After finishing the race, Schön expressed her feeling and said “After winning it finally, we are feeling really good. After the last season, we worked on our week areas and made a lot of changes in our team as well as a lot of detail work was done on our boat. And these small things multiply into a big win.” (more…)

World Cup Series Sees The Rivalry Of Two Leading Players

World Cup Series of Sailing’s 2017 Final reached at its midpoint, as competing sailors continue to fight for respective positions across the Open Kiteboarding and ten Olympic events in Santander in Spain.

The competition has been ferocious in the event because of the presence of Olympic medalists, World Champions and a number of leading sailors. All the trying their best to reach live Medal Races that are soon going to take place and are in chance of claiming a medal.

The race on Thursday across all the racing areas saw exceptional sailing conditions. The sailors were tested by the gusting 25 knots and 11-16 knot breeze.

A fight is developing at the fleet of Women’s One Person Dinghy between Evi Van Acker of Belgium and Anne-Marie Rindom of Denmark’s.

Both the sailors are Olympic medalists and are fighting nail and tooth with minimal separation. (more…)

2017 Schedule For USMRC Released

The United States Match Racing Championship schedule for 2016 has been declared.

The match for the Prince of Wales Bowl will held between 13 to15 October 2017. The match will take place at the Oak Cliff Sailing.

2018 Nations Cup World sailing

Skipper who will top finish in the event or will be eligible for the United States Match Racing Championship 2017 will represent US in Regional Qualifier Event of National Cup in the open division. The date and location of the match will remain same as of the grand finale of national cup 2018. Eligible skipper for men category will be selected to match from USMRC.

The primary eligibility of the event is skipper is he has to have the passport of United States. After choosing for Regional Qualifier Round of Nation Cup, skipper will be allowed to make their own crew. But, here too the eligibility is every crew member must be holding the passport of United States. (more…)

Upcoming World Sailing Events

Let’s take a look at some of the most awaited sailing events in the coming weeks. We have plenty of high profile events coming up. We are talking about exciting times ahead.

Vendée Globe race
It is one of the toughest races in the world. The numbers will tell you how difficult this race can be. So far, 138 solo sailors have participated in the race, but only 71 managed to cross the finishing line. Most of the sailors had to give up halfway through considering the challenges and difficulty level. Most importantly, it’s a very dangerous adventure as well. (more…)

Day 5 Results For Rio Sailing

On day 5 the weather was quite rough. The Brazilians and the Brits held through and showed their true champion spirit in rough waters. On Wednesday the sailing competition was quite a challenge as the weather turned rough.

With brackish waters and the winds being heavy the sailors faced quite a bit of a challenge in the bay area. The races were also delayed as the weather conditions were harsh. One race, which was a mixed race of the catamaran category, had to be postponed on this day.

There were six fleets that ran two opening series races on this day. That includes men’s races in the Laser and Finn category as well mixed category races in Nacra 17 and 470 series as well as the laser radial category. Even though the weather was a challenge (not quite at the level of a Dubrovnik Bareboat Yacht Charter, with still winds, but bad enough!) many of the favorites were able to navigate successfully while in other cases less likely members emerged as winners. (more…)

Carlo Croce Of World Sailing

Those who are familiar with the authorities of World Sailing, they will be knowing that Carlo Croce is looking to extend his term for the final session as President of World Sailing Association. He has unveiled a manifesto that states that a new era would be ushered in for world sailing.

The manifesto would be built on what has been achieved in the first term that he has served as President. There are six themes that are included in the manifesto. These underpin as well as guide the final term that he would serve as President. The decision of his second term as president would be taken at the annual conference that would be held in the first week of November in Barcelona. (more…)

Veteran NSW sailor feared drowned from yacht

A 62-year-old respected sailor is believed to have drowned after he was swung out from a yacht in tough seas off the coast near Port Stephens in NSW, yesterday.

The well known sailor named Mal Lennon was at the helm of a 36-foot vessel named Amante when he was tossed into the water by a junky wave when he was near the Broughton Island.
Conditions have eased since that incident and air and sea rescue operations have started looking for Mr Lennon. But they have started to believe that there is very little scope he could have lasted the night in brutal seas conditions without a life jacket.
Speaking to the reporters, Superintendent Mark Hutching said that the sea conditions were up to 6 to 8 meters with sometimes up to fifty-knot gales. Due to the sea conditions, they .
Mr Lennon’s friends told that the project manager is a great yachtsman and highly respected in sailing circles in Sydney.
Sydney Flying Squadron commodore Bill Loader told a leading news channel that Mal was a superb guy; he really cared about other people. He was very competent as far as sailing went. He was well known to the sailing community.


Yacht companies sell luxury lifestyle

As the recreational boating market of China stays in its infancy, brands crossing from little sailboat makers to superyacht builders are going all out to sell the navigation lifestyle to wealthy Chinese consumers.

So Hainan!

At the very recent SO! Hainan yacht and lifestyle event in Hainan’s Clear Water Bay Marina, top yachting and sailing companies of the world assembled alongside a huge range of luxury named including Dassault Falcon private jets, Taittinger Champagne, department store Galeries Lafayette, and several other representatives presenting jewelry, travel destinations, wine, spirits, helicopters, as well as more to China’s upper crust.

Probable Chinese buyers had the opportunity to not only attempt a wide range of yachts and sailboats on the sea trials (provided by Yacht Charter in Croatia Company), but they were also exposed to all the trimmings of a life of leisure with dinners, wine tastings, as well as parties and activities including kite surfing, motor paragliding, golf and fishing. China Rendez-Vous founder and CEO Delphine Lignières told that they attempted to introduce more water sports; more activities by the sea. It was to educate the people to have fun with the water and acclimate the Chinese consumers with the water.

As per, Ewa Stachurska, the marketing manager as well as China’s top yacht sales and brokerage company Simpson Marine’s Shanghai area manager, told that this market is new in China. This makes it an important market though.

Victoria Classic Boat Fest to see MV Olympus

MV Olympus is participating in the Victoria Classic Boat Fest that started earlier on Friday and goes on today at Inner Harbor. The yacht is powered by 2 diesel powered engines and carries on charters in the Pacific Northwest, its newest function in a history that has links to Hollywood, New York as well as the Second World War.

George Callendine Heck launched the yacht on 14th May, 1929 in New York with intent of using it to transpose from his 2 estates on Long Island to the Wall Street, where he was a collaborator in an investment company.

George Converse and his wife Mary Stuart bought the yacht where it turned into a part of Southern California social scene in the 1930s and 1940s. She was also used in many films including Captain January as well as The Palm Beach Story.

The United States Navy enlisted the yacht to serve as a patrol boat during Second World War, finished with guns climbed on her deck. She patrolled West Coast between Seattle and Alaska in search of Japanese submarines.

After the war, the boat was declared as surplus property by the United States Government. It was bought by the Washington state just for US$ 15000. On the books of the State of Washington, it was put as a “fisheries patrol vessel.” During that time, its passengers included Washington Governor Monrad Wallgren and United States President Harry S. Truman