Day 5 Results For Rio Sailing

On day 5 the weather was quite rough. The Brazilians and the Brits held through and showed their true champion spirit in rough waters. On Wednesday the sailing competition was quite a challenge as the weather turned rough.

With brackish waters and the winds being heavy the sailors faced quite a bit of a challenge in the bay area. The races were also delayed as the weather conditions were harsh. One race, which was a mixed race of the catamaran category, had to be postponed on this day.

There were six fleets that ran two opening series races on this day. That includes men’s races in the Laser and Finn category as well mixed category races in Nacra 17 and 470 series as well as the laser radial category. Even though the weather was a challenge (not quite at the level of a Dubrovnik Bareboat Yacht Charter, with still winds, but bad enough!) many of the favorites were able to navigate successfully while in other cases less likely members emerged as winners. (more…)