Veteran NSW sailor feared drowned from yacht

A 62-year-old respected sailor is believed to have drowned after he was swung out from a yacht in tough seas off the coast near Port Stephens in NSW, yesterday.

The well known sailor named Mal Lennon was at the helm of a 36-foot vessel named Amante when he was tossed into the water by a junky wave when he was near the Broughton Island.
Conditions have eased since that incident and air and sea rescue operations have started looking for Mr Lennon. But they have started to believe that there is very little scope he could have lasted the night in brutal seas conditions without a life jacket.
Speaking to the reporters, Superintendent Mark Hutching said that the sea conditions were up to 6 to 8 meters with sometimes up to fifty-knot gales. Due to the sea conditions, they .
Mr Lennon’s friends told that the project manager is a great yachtsman and highly respected in sailing circles in Sydney.
Sydney Flying Squadron commodore Bill Loader told a leading news channel that Mal was a superb guy; he really cared about other people. He was very competent as far as sailing went. He was well known to the sailing community.


Victoria Classic Boat Fest to see MV Olympus

MV Olympus is participating in the Victoria Classic Boat Fest that started earlier on Friday and goes on today at Inner Harbor. The yacht is powered by 2 diesel powered engines and carries on charters in the Pacific Northwest, its newest function in a history that has links to Hollywood, New York as well as the Second World War.

George Callendine Heck launched the yacht on 14th May, 1929 in New York with intent of using it to transpose from his 2 estates on Long Island to the Wall Street, where he was a collaborator in an investment company.

George Converse and his wife Mary Stuart bought the yacht where it turned into a part of Southern California social scene in the 1930s and 1940s. She was also used in many films including Captain January as well as The Palm Beach Story.

The United States Navy enlisted the yacht to serve as a patrol boat during Second World War, finished with guns climbed on her deck. She patrolled West Coast between Seattle and Alaska in search of Japanese submarines.

After the war, the boat was declared as surplus property by the United States Government. It was bought by the Washington state just for US$ 15000. On the books of the State of Washington, it was put as a “fisheries patrol vessel.” During that time, its passengers included Washington Governor Monrad Wallgren and United States President Harry S. Truman