Veteran NSW sailor feared drowned from yacht

A 62-year-old respected sailor is believed to have drowned after he was swung out from a yacht in tough seas off the coast near Port Stephens in NSW, yesterday.

The well known sailor named Mal Lennon was at the helm of a 36-foot vessel named Amante when he was tossed into the water by a junky wave when he was near the Broughton Island.
Conditions have eased since that incident and air and sea rescue operations have started looking for Mr Lennon. But they have started to believe that there is very little scope he could have lasted the night in brutal seas conditions without a life jacket.
Speaking to the reporters, Superintendent Mark Hutching said that the sea conditions were up to 6 to 8 meters with sometimes up to fifty-knot gales. Due to the sea conditions, they .
Mr Lennon’s friends told that the project manager is a great yachtsman and highly respected in sailing circles in Sydney.
Sydney Flying Squadron commodore Bill Loader told a leading news channel that Mal was a superb guy; he really cared about other people. He was very competent as far as sailing went. He was well known to the sailing community.


Yacht companies sell luxury lifestyle

As the recreational boating market of China stays in its infancy, brands crossing from little sailboat makers to superyacht builders are going all out to sell the navigation lifestyle to wealthy Chinese consumers.

So Hainan!

At the very recent SO! Hainan yacht and lifestyle event in Hainan’s Clear Water Bay Marina, top yachting and sailing companies of the world assembled alongside a huge range of luxury named including Dassault Falcon private jets, Taittinger Champagne, department store Galeries Lafayette, and several other representatives presenting jewelry, travel destinations, wine, spirits, helicopters, as well as more to China’s upper crust.

Probable Chinese buyers had the opportunity to not only attempt a wide range of yachts and sailboats on the sea trials (provided by Yacht Charter in Croatia Company), but they were also exposed to all the trimmings of a life of leisure with dinners, wine tastings, as well as parties and activities including kite surfing, motor paragliding, golf and fishing. China Rendez-Vous founder and CEO Delphine Lignières told that they attempted to introduce more water sports; more activities by the sea. It was to educate the people to have fun with the water and acclimate the Chinese consumers with the water.

As per, Ewa Stachurska, the marketing manager as well as China’s top yacht sales and brokerage company Simpson Marine’s Shanghai area manager, told that this market is new in China. This makes it an important market though.