World Cup Series Sees The Rivalry Of Two Leading Players

World Cup Series of Sailing’s 2017 Final reached at its midpoint, as competing sailors continue to fight for respective positions across the Open Kiteboarding and ten Olympic events in Santander in Spain.

The competition has been ferocious in the event because of the presence of Olympic medalists, World Champions and a number of leading sailors. All the trying their best to reach live Medal Races that are soon going to take place and are in chance of claiming a medal.

The race on Thursday across all the racing areas saw exceptional sailing conditions. The sailors were tested by the gusting 25 knots and 11-16 knot breeze.

A fight is developing at the fleet of Women’s One Person Dinghy between Evi Van Acker of Belgium and Anne-Marie Rindom of Denmark’s.

Both the sailors are Olympic medalists and are fighting nail and tooth with minimal separation.

The pair was split by three points and they are enjoying this battle, after the race, Rindom said, “I feel really exciting competing against Evi, she is a wonderful and really good. She too has the same winning spirit as I have and she too wants to win the race just like I want. In the coming couple of days, it will become very exciting to see both of us competing for one title.”

Van Acker on the hand echoed her rival and said, “She has always been a good sailor and her performance in this race too is extremely well.  Healthy and cool rivalry in the race makes the race more fun and add adventure in it.”

She further added that,”This rivalry is bringing out the best in both the players and making the event spectacular for everyone who are watching it. We both are gaining experience from it.”